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Person Pouring Tea Into Brown Ceramic Cup

Before you get angry at the headline, it’s not our creation. But the tea industry is looking for ways to improve its reputation. I don’t like wine but I am partial to a cup of tea. I never used to drink it that much but I go through about 2-3 cups a day at work. […]

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işkembe çorbası

Warning: this hangover cure contains tripe. There is a myriad of old wives’ tales describing ways of curing hangovers. But one popular cure in Turkey is işkembe çorbası, translated as literally “tripe soup”. Naturally, this isn’t vegetarian​ or vegan but it’s not reserved for the morning after a boozy night either. Recipe (taken from The […]

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Tulips in bloom

Wine needn’t be the only alcoholic beverage to reference a “bouquet”. Other than windmills, clogs, canals, and Johan Cruijff, tulips are a quintessential part of Dutch identity to outsiders. And thanks to the versatility of vodka, there’s a new brand made of the national flower. Most vodka is made from grain or potatoes but tulip vodka […]

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“Once and future guest editor” Aaron Cohen is an ice cream shop owner in Somerville, Massachusetts. And as an ice cream professional, he knows a thing or two about the cold stuff. He wrote about a researcher named Janelle Shane who trains neural networks. She used these networks to created some ice cream flavours from a cross […]

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Pizza Is Not A Crime by Chris Piascik

There’s nothing worse than ordering a pizza and not getting what you wanted. It’s happened to me before but I’ve refrained from calling the cops on them vendors. This person couldn’t contain his anger. Gloucestershire Constabulary received a call from a person complaining about their incorrect order, much to the police’s chagrin. Officers took to […]

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Gabrielle Union eats hot wings, discusses Twitter fools & DMX

Gabrielle Union is a treasure. When she’s not being a brilliant actress, absolute beauty, or a best-selling author, she enjoys a wing or two. First We Feast’s Hot Ones series has guests talk about their lives while eating the spiciest wings available. During Gabrielle’s wing stop, she discussed her husband Dwyane Wade’s friendship with LeBron […]

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