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Salmon skin

Iceland-based Atlantic Leather owns Europe’s only fish tannery. There are certain ethical issues with leather but perhaps this is a better solution. Steinunn Gunnsteinsdóttir is the sales manager of Atlantic Leather, an Icelandic company that owns the only fish tannery in Europe. They’ve been making leather from the skins of salmon and cod (amongst other […]

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Yasuke - An African Samurai in Japan

Yasuke was an African retainer who served under an influential Japanese warlord in the 16th century. I watched The Last Samurai a few years ago and enjoyed it. While the movie was inspired by real life Westerners fighting in Asia and played up to the white saviour trope, it was enjoyable if not cliché. But […]

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Quantum Leap

While we wait for that Quantum Leap movie Donald Bellisario is working on, we can now travel with actor Scott Bakula on a map. Sort of. A journalist by the name of Josh Jones created an interactive map tracing every “quantum leap” Sam Beckett made on the show. Each location is marked with the episode […]

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Hibaq Osman - The Heart Is A Smashed Bulb

The thing about blood it reeks of metal baby, aren’t you sick of chains? Hibaq Osman is a Somali writer born and based in London. Her work centres women, identity and the healing process. The Heart Is A Smashed Bulb is a four-part anthology and you can download it via Google Drive and Zippyshare.

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