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Pablo Picasso, Bust of a Woman (Dora Maar), 1938

Unpopular opinion: Picasso was overrated. I studied graphic design at college and frequented the art department where his work was copied and analysed. My opinions of him then were neutral. But as my interest in modernism has grown, my thoughts on his work have gone in the opposite direction. His depiction of women began to […]

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Atlas Obscura have written a brilliant article about a Japanese women’s magazine called Seitō. Initially created as a collection of work for women and by women, it slowly became a feminist movement on its own after the Japanese government moved to ban its publication. This only spurred the writers to continue. Feminist Hideko Fukuda wrote […]

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Podcasts are all the rage now so here’s one dedicated to modernism through the ages. The Modernist Podcast is a monthly discussion of art, literature and culture in the early twentieth century, “providing academics with a platform to share their research with the wider community”. Episodes include “Modernism, Women and Feminism”, “Queer Modernism”, and “Modernism […]

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Hibaq Osman - The Heart Is A Smashed Bulb

The thing about blood it reeks of metal baby, aren’t you sick of chains? Hibaq Osman is a Somali writer born and based in London. Her work centres women, identity and the healing process. The Heart Is A Smashed Bulb is a four-part anthology and you can download it via Google Drive and Zippyshare.

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Beyoncé - one of the greatest women alive

A Twitter friend of mine put me onto a ShortList article. It was called “33 things all great men should own” and if the title didn’t make you cringe, the list certainly will. It starts with “At least one vinyl album from the 70s” because apparently, a record from 40 years ago is essential to […]

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