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An interview with "Theo Huxtable"

Not *that* Theo Huxtable but close enough. What is your favourite city in the world? That’s actually a hard question to answer. It have to be New Orleans & Chicago. What’s the most unusual item you take everywhere you go? Fortune cookie fortunes that I keep in my wallet. Why do you do what you […]

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Skateboarder doing a trick in a skate park

In a new series, we ask people of the internet for their top fives. We kickflip things off with Corey Johnson and his top five skateboarders. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Corey via Twitter and Instagram over the years and I’m a big admirer of his aesthetic and the aesthetics he admires. […]

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Thesis Discussing Hip Hop, Skate Culture & Web Culture In Tyler, The Creator's Music

As someone who wrote a thesis for my music technology degree, I’m a sucker for music academic papers. This one piqued my interest. It relates to the multicultural facets of controversial rapper Tyler, The Creator. The thesis, written by Brazilian producer and musicologist Gustavo Souza Marques, discusses the ways Tyler, the Creator “shifts, but also maintains, some frames of gangsta […]

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