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Karis Pierre

The London graphic designer is one to watch for the future. Social media can be a hellish place when you suffer with anxiety. But I prefer visual therapy in the form of art and that’s what makes Instagram so good (for the most part). I discovered Karis Pierre aka karpie.jpg via Rhea Ellen and I […]

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The Photography of Sook Moon

The beauty of photography is its ability to capture so many words in a single flash of light and form. Sook Moon is one such creative who brings a new life to the seemingly mundane: butchers’ markets, closed convenience stores, empty alleys. Yes, they are stylised in a certain way but not to diminish the […]

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Stoic Elite

I endorse the virtues of stoicism. Its fundamental principles aim to strip away the products of negativity and show a path to happiness. This is done by accepting things you can’t control and focussing on the things you can. This is a lot easier said than done and by no means applicable to every human event […]

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