Liam Quigley and his NYC pizza slices

Since 2014, Liam Quigley has been noting every slice of pizza he’s ever eaten in New York and posting his slices on his Instagram account, NYC Slice. On his website, he has documented 464 slices over an eight-year period and says there’s been a steady decline in quality:

The most expensive was a $6.53 pepperoni slice at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza’s Times Square location, and it was fine. I did not rate the slices to avoid controversy and bribes. The biggest thing I have noticed is the decline in the amount of sauce put on slices. I’m sure this is a cost-saving measure, but the overall quality of your average slice in the city has definitely suffered. However, in no particular order, these are some of the better slices in the city.

That’s not very cash money of NYC. I guess I’ll stick to Chicago for the better pizzas, huh?

3.25 (La Rondine Pizza, 12028 Queens Blvd)

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