Purple with Yellow Spots History Month

Cultrface proudly declares November “Purple with Yellow Spots History Month”

Cultrface wants to bring order and balance to the POC discourse with the first Purple with Yellow Spots History Month. Black History Month gets two months on either side of the Atlantic (February for the US and October for the UK). They're significant in highlighting centuries of enriching culture, the plight and success of all …


The world of hikikomori

FRANCE 24 reported on the hikikomori, people who live isolated in their bedrooms in Japan. The teenage stereotype of lock yourself in your room was something I experienced growing up. It was true for me (minus the lock) but not to the extreme exhibited by half a million in Japan. These people are known as …

Who Old Are You

Who Old Are You

Find out who achieved their greatest feats at your age with "Who Old Are You".