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30+ Minutes of Vic Berger's Daytime TV & Advertising

Super Deluxe is dead, long live Vic Berger. (Trigger warning: this video contains clowns and some really creepy puppets) Entertainment company Super Deluxe may no longer be with us but Vic Berger very much is. We featured one of his creations for SD – the one (which had been taken down but we’ve uploaded […]

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Game of Thrones books versus the TV series

As the series inches towards its finale, here’s an infographic showing how the books fed into the shows. After a hiatus, I’m back into Game of Thrones for the last ever series. I never read the books but I don’t think I will as my Goodreads list is way too big. The above image shows […]

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The Curiosity Show with Rob Morrison and Deane Hutton

This Australian programme from the 70s and 80s proved science could be fun. Here’s an optical illusion made from nothing but card and string. Some wonders lose their magic when you become an adult. I’ve watched Breaking The Magician’s Code loads of times but I still get caught out by sleight-of-hand magic tricks and illusions. […]

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Homer and Mindy

One of my favourite Simpsons in-jokes is a bowling team called The Home Wreckers. It comprised of 4 members: Jacques, Princess Kashmir, Lurlene Lumpkin, and Mindy Simmons. The reason for the name is simple: each person had a tête-à-tête with either Marge or Homer Simpson. While three of them lay a strong claim to the […]

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We miss Uncle Phil and moments like these demonstrate why. I looked up to my dad even if we didn’t see eye-to-eye in my teen years. I saw certain similarities between our relationship and Will and Uncle Phil’s in The Fresh Prince. And like many episodes, Will got himself into some trouble and couldn’t get […]

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Quantum Leap

While we wait for that Quantum Leap movie Donald Bellisario is working on, we can now travel with actor Scott Bakula on a map. Sort of. A journalist by the name of Josh Jones created an interactive map tracing every “quantum leap” Sam Beckett made on the show. Each location is marked with the episode […]

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