Do you dance when Law & Order SVU comes on?

Law & Order SVU

In the internet justice system, dance based videos are considered especially awesome. On Cultrface, the dedicated writers who investigate these amazing routines are members of an elite squad known as the Special Viewers Unit. These are their stories.

The “Steamed Hams” Simpsons episode in the style of Seinfeld

The "Steamed Hams" Simpsons episode in the style of Seinfeld

Two of the biggest American shows of the 90s brought together by one meme: Steamed Hams. As Simpsons memes go, Steamed Hams is the most popular. It never seems to lose traction and I've recently discovered a host of them on YouTube. My favourite is this rendition by TempoFunktron who stylised the segment as a …

The Best of Bad Acting


"The Best of Bad Acting" stars Tommy Wiseau, as well as scenes from some random ninja movies, Troll 2, Birdemic and Tough Guys Don't Dance.