Hard Drive does it again!

Movie Earns $120 Million Domestically, $362 Million Globally, and a Suspicious $7 Galactically:

After verifying the number is real and not resultant of a glitch, NASA president Bill Nelson held an impromptu press conference.

“Billions of dollars, and decades of research just to be beaten by some kid on Box Office Mojo!” exclaimed Nelson, tears streaming down his face. “This is unfair! I’ve dedicated my entire life to finding signs of extraterrestrial life, and he’s handed evidence on a silver platter? I can’t believe such a cruel world exists. But I won’t give up. Tomorrow, I am embarking on a solo cosmic mission to uncover the truth behind this phenomenon. Mark my words, the name Bill Nelson will be forever etched in history, and that Thurman kid will be forgotten.”

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