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Corbet Rutzer

Canadian music director and brand expert Corbet Rutzer answers some questions for Cultrface. I have been a big fan of Corbet Rutzer’s content for a number of years. I mean, look at this for a description: I am a fearless communication ninja, social media maestro, brand expert and curation specialist with a chronic food and […]

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PJ Masks 4th Birthday - in honour of my son who loves them

We celebrate our 4th birthday with thanks and a message. I can’t believe it’s been four years today since I launched Cultrface. It’s been a slow and steady journey but a rewarding one too. I want to give you a background into why Cultrface exists. Back in 2015, I suffered a personal loss. It coincided […]

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An interview with "Theo Huxtable"

Not *that* Theo Huxtable but close enough. What is your favourite city in the world? That’s actually a hard question to answer. It have to be New Orleans & Chicago. What’s the most unusual item you take everywhere you go? Fortune cookie fortunes that I keep in my wallet. Why do you do what you […]

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Marcus Daniel

The non-profit media organisation welcomes a new era with their new editor. This is arguably the best media news I’ve heard all year. If you haven’t heard of Media Diversified, familiarise yourself now by visiting their website. On 19th November, they announced Marcus Daniel as their new editor-in-chief. This means even more to me personally as […]

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Queer Halloween Parties in Castro

They know how to party for Halloween in San Francisco. Atlas Obscura wrote an article about Two Decades of San Francisco’s Wildest Queer Halloween Parties. Check out this excerpt from 1995: “This annual Halloween party is a victim of success […] It simply got too big for its britches—although not all partygoers have bothered to […]

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Podcasts are all the rage now so here’s one dedicated to modernism through the ages. The Modernist Podcast is a monthly discussion of art, literature and culture in the early twentieth century, “providing academics with a platform to share their research with the wider community”. Episodes include “Modernism, Women and Feminism”, “Queer Modernism”, and “Modernism […]

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