KUMI sneakers: a sustainable footwear brand from Spain

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KUMI Sneakers is a Spanish brand that makes sustainable, cruelty-free vegan sneakers. The footwear is made of corn and recycled plastic bottles (as opposed to new, specially-made plastic, although it does say “plastic-free” on the home page so I don’t know how that works). As for the rest of the shoe, materials include eco-friendly microfibers, natural rubber, cork, cotton, polyurethane leather (PU), and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). The packaging and paper are recycled.

I’d be interested to know more about the sustainability of their natural rubber but this appears to be good. I looked on Good For You but they hadn’t been added to the directory.

Prices start from €119,00.

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The furniture from Thomas Feichtner's M3 collection looks cool wooden tesseracts

Based on the M3-Chair, a chair made of composite round wood that Thomas Feichtner had previously designed for Neue Wiener Werkstätte, an entire furniture collection was created. What began as a design experiment and one-off piece was continued due to the high demand as a furniture collection in small tables and various armchairs. This time no longer as an experimental chair construction of one cubic metre, but adapted exactly to the ergonomic requirements of a comfortable lounge chair. The collection consists of a lounge chair and three different sized side tables. 

I have no space (or money) for this furniture but I still want it. I will make room!

See more on Feichtner’s website.

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Loungefly's Star Wars Boba Fett Cosplay Mini Backpack

Loungefly's Star Wars Boba Fett Cosplay Mini Backpack

Be the coolest person in your galaxy with this official Boba Fett backpack. It comes with a stitched Boba Fett helmet design on the front, a Metal Mandalorian crest icon on the zip, and matching interior. What’s more, it’s vegan-friendly and measures around 9 inches wide and 11 inches tall.

Order it from Geekcore and Get Ready Comics

(h/t Star Wars Clube Portugal)

A book of Haring-isms

Keith Haring remains one of the most important and celebrated artists of his generation and beyond. Through his signature bold graphic line drawings of figures and forms dancing and grooving, Haring’s paintings, large-scale public murals, chalk drawings, and singular graffiti style defined an era and brought awareness to social issues ranging from gay rights and AIDS to drug abuse prevention and a woman’s right to choose. Haring-isms is a collection of essential quotations from this creative thinker and legendary artist.

Buy it on Bookshop (affiliate link)

Simon Doonan's 'Keith Haring' biography

In case you missed it, Simon Doonan wrote a biography on Keith Haring which came out in February. It’s part of a series of pocket-sized biographies about great artists called Lives of the Artists and examines Haring’s inspiring life and work during the 1980s:

Revolutionary and renegade, Keith Haring was an artist for the people, creating an instantly recognisable repertoire of symbols – barking dogs, space-ships, crawling babies, clambering faceless people – which became synonymous with the volatile culture of 1980s. Like a careening, preening pinball, Keith Haring playfully slammed into all aspects of this decade – hip-hop, new-wave, graffiti, funk, art, style, gay culture – and brought them together.

Grab a copy of the book on Bookshop and let me know what you think in the comments.

The Star Wars Glass Stormtrooper Decanter

Star Wars Glass Stormtrooper Decanter

Perfect for whiskeys, cognacs, and wines, this Star Wars Glass Stormtrooper Decanter can hold up to 750ml of your finest alcohol. Picture this: you get home from a trying day on the new Death Star. All you want to do is hang up your lightsaber, unwind to an acoustic cover of the Imperial March in front of a fire. But you want something to drink. Then you remember you have a Star Wars Stormtrooper decanter filled with Corellian wine.

I’m mixing fantasy with reality here but the fact is a stylish, high-quality Star Wars decanter is the perfect gift for any Stormtrooper enthusiasts. Whether you’re on the side of the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance.

And don’t forget to drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.

Star Wars Glass Stormtrooper Decanter on Amazon