The lesser told story of Gabriel Lluelles Rabadá

Designer Arun Venkatesan wrote an article on Gabriel Lluelles Rabadá, a lesser-known Spanish designer behind some of Braun’s greatest designs, including the hand blender:

[…]Soon after his promotion to chief designer and head of product design, Dieter Rams met with Gabriel Lluelles Rabadá. Through a translator, they recognized the similarities between their design philosophies and an important fact — Pimer’s appliancess could complement Braun’s burgeoning product line.

So, in 1962, Braun AG acquired half of Pimer, in the process renaming it Braun Española SA. In 1965 Braun bought it out completely. In the new arrangement, Gabriel oversaw the design in the Spanish unit while Dieter oversaw design across the entire company.

Pimer’s product lines continued, but were gradually rebranded. The Minipimer was renamed to the Braun Minipimer, and then the Braun MultiQuick, a name it retains today. The hand blender as an appliance is now a mainstay in kitchens all around the world.

He probably would have designed a great electric toaster too.

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