A Dr Pepper commercial in 35mm, starring Godzilla

Dr Pepper "Godzilla" commercial #1 (1985) [FTD-0369]

Shout out to Toy Galaxy for putting me onto this commercial and this channel. FT Depot uploads a variety of media in 35mm (and occasionally 16mm) the example above shows a Dr Pepper commercial starring none other than Godzilla. If you’re wondering if this is one of those quirky Japanese film tie-ins, you’re kinda right… but it’s for an American version of a Japanese film.

This commercial is one of two made as part of a $10 million advertisement campaign in 1985, to promote ‘Godzilla 1985‘, the US version of ‘The Return of Godzilla‘. It was heavily edited and had Dr Pepper feature prominently throughout, including a vending machine at The Pentagon. For more on all that, watch the Toy Galaxy video that inspired this post.

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