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Game of Thrones 80s intro

This brilliant audiovisual mashup shows what could have been if GoT was an 80s series. Yes, I’m 5 years late and the series just finished but everyone was unhappy with the last season so let’s remember the good times. And mix them up with late 80s nostalgia. YouTuber Mikolaj.Birek put together two Game of Thrones […]

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30+ Minutes of Vic Berger's Daytime TV & Advertising

Super Deluxe is dead, long live Vic Berger. (Trigger warning: this video contains clowns and some really creepy puppets) Entertainment company Super Deluxe may no longer be with us but Vic Berger very much is. We featured one of his creations for SD – the one (which had been taken down but we’ve uploaded […]

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The Curiosity Show with Rob Morrison and Deane Hutton

This Australian programme from the 70s and 80s proved science could be fun. Here’s an optical illusion made from nothing but card and string. Some wonders lose their magic when you become an adult. I’ve watched Breaking The Magician’s Code loads of times but I still get caught out by sleight-of-hand magic tricks and illusions. […]

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Thomas The Tank Engine

Meme veterans will have heard the numerous Thomas the Tank Engine mashups with the likes of Snoop Dogg & Pharrell and Biggie Smalls. But Thomas has now gone in a new direction – extreme stunts. Watch as the famous blue train flips and slides across wooden tracks alongside his friend, Lady. Stream the radicalness below, […]

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Black Lives Matter logo

There’s something to be said about the link between semiotics and activism. So I’m doing that right now with the help of this insightful video. I’m still on my semiotics tip and discovered this interesting video about myths, the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and the loathsome #AllLivesMatter. I was wary of how both hashtags would be described […]

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