The Santa Marta Sabrewing has made a reappearance in Colombia

Santa Marta Sabrewing: Rare Hummingbird Species

Researchers from American Bird Conservancy (ABC), Universidad Nacional de Colombia, SELVA, ProCAT Colombia, and World Parrot Trust have made some important observations of a very rare species called the Santa Marta Sabrewing. The species is one of the rarest amongst birds in the world with only 20 observations and an IUCN categorisation of Critically Endangered.

“Our findings show that this amazing hummingbird may be an example of microendemism, as it seems to be restricted to a limited area within the world’s most important continental center of endemism,” said Esteban Botero-Delgadillo, lead author of the study and Director of Conservation Science with SELVA: Research for Conservation in the Neotropics. “We are excited to have the opportunity to continue studying this bird because there are still huge knowledge gaps regarding its biology and distribution. Filling these gaps will help achieve our ultimate goal of finding long-lasting conservation solutions.”

The Santa Marta Sabrewing gets its name from the Santa Marta Mountains where it lives, located in northeast Colombia. The species is dimorphic, with males having glittering emerald-green plumage and an iridescent blue breast, in contrast with females having white breasts.

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