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Razz Prince

PhoneShop is one of the best comedy series of the last 10 years. Characters like Razz Prince are the reason why. I can’t remember why I started watching PhoneShop but it was a brilliant decision. I’ve not heard a single bad word said about it and I don’t plan on changing that. Why would I […]

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Simon - Power In Discussion

Simon is a speech language therapist and founder of Power In Discussion, an organisation creating positive discussion in the context of mental health and well-being, identity, and experiences faced by Black communities in Britain and Black LGBT representation. What is your favourite city in the world? Las Vegas. What’s the most unusual item you take […]

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Shanarà Phillips is a black filmmaker, writer and editor from London. Her love of visual storytelling has taken her around the world and she recently had her video, He’s Not Like That, featured at the BAFTAs as a finalist. What is your favourite city in the world? To not be biased and say my own, […]

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Peter Sellers at home in Belgravia, London, 1973

Accent-switching is a wondrous talent, for entertainment or as an element of code-switching. Peter Sellers was a skilled intellect. In a 1979 sketch, he presented “The Complete Guide To Accents of The British Isles”, as Don Shulman, an American professor of “accents and languages”. He travels through Europe and Britain playing numerous accents from John […]

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Pizza Is Not A Crime by Chris Piascik

There’s nothing worse than ordering a pizza and not getting what you wanted. It’s happened to me before but I’ve refrained from calling the cops on them vendors. This person couldn’t contain his anger. Gloucestershire Constabulary received a call from a person complaining about their incorrect order, much to the police’s chagrin. Officers took to […]

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The Photography of Sook Moon

The beauty of photography is its ability to capture so many words in a single flash of light and form. Sook Moon is one such creative who brings a new life to the seemingly mundane: butchers’ markets, closed convenience stores, empty alleys. Yes, they are stylised in a certain way but not to diminish the […]

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