It's Diet Coke, sir. It's supposed to be cold.

Batman Diet Coke commercial with Alfred

Here’s something you’ve probably not seen before: a Diet Coke commercial exclusive to the VHS copy of Batman (1989):

A classic commercial (or rather “video trailer”) for Diet Coke starring Hammer movie legend Michael Gough in his role as Alfred Pennyworth from the 1989-1997 Batman movie series. This commercial was seen in the original 1989 VHS release of the first Tim Burton “Batman” movie and has not been released on home video since. Michael Keaton also appears as Batman via clips from the film.

I never had Bruce Wayne/Batman as a Diet Coke drinker, regardless of it being sugar free. Or Alfred for that matter.

Batman food/drink related: It’s vichyssoise, sir. It’s supposed to be cold.

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