Blue Monday Press's 'Evergreen Fantasies' shows beautiful art inspired by The Simpsons

Two photos. One is of a Homer inflatable bust, with Homer Simpsons face at the top half and Homer (the poet) on the bottom half. The second is of a Japanese inspired illustration of Marge.
© Blue Monday Press

Last year, Blue Monday Press released Evergreen Fantasies, an art book inspired by The Simpsons and it’s an awesome collection of visual arts:

Evergreen Fantasies is a collection of artwork inspired by The Simpsons in a huge range of mediums from artists from all over the world. The book features artwork from over 40 artists from around the world, each recreating the world of Springfield in their own unique way. There’s a huge multitude of mediums featured including: painting, comics, ceramics, 3D design, embroidery, handmade action figures, sculpture, inflatables, and more.

Art: check. The Simpsons: check. In book form: check.

You can buy a copy of Evergreen Fantasies on the Blue Monday Press website.

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