shrimpdaddy is my new favourite Instagram account

I love memes on Instagram and I enjoy skateboarding content. But together? *chef’s kiss*

shrimpdaddy is the moniker of Marque Cox, a video editor and skateboarder from Los Angeles with a penchant for the absurd, which he briefly mentioned in this 2016 interview:

A lot of the video is quite trippy, with weird angles, slo-mo, going upside down. Where did you get the inspiration to go in that direction with the filming?

About a year ago, while filming for Shrimpdaddy1, I started filming at 240fps and I think slow-motion changed my whole way of making videos. I consider myself to be a strong editor. When I would bring home footage I would start piecing my video together little by little and I would show my friends the edit, and I would get the most reactions from the trippy, weird clips. I’ve been filming with the guys in my video for years, so they are all really cool about helping out with my experimental projects.

What I love about Marque’s work is his splicing of skating fails with pop culture references. The video above is my favourite one (and I ended up finding the movie it referenced—it’s A Low Down Dirty Shame btw).

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