The top 10 posts of 2021

I know the numbers are arbitrary on their own, but I can’t help looking at page views. It lets me know that someone has taken the time to investigate what I’ve written and, if they stick around, great. If not, fair enough (but I always hope they come back). So I decided to look up the top 10 posts published this year. I published a helluva lot in 2021 and judging by the engagement, they’ve done better than I expected.

In no particular order:

  1. I’m obsessed with Michael Keaton’s Easter Candy SNL skit
  2. What kind of salt does Salt Bae use?
  3. Did Danny DeVito eat a real fish in Batman Returns?
  4. The evolution of Pinhead
  5. An oral history of the weird Folgers “incest” commercial
  6. Sophia Tassew’s Khula jewellery brand is dope
  7. Fraunces is an ‘Old Style’ font similar to Cooper Black
  8. It’s vichyssoise, sir. It’s supposed to be cold.
  9. How to make Jamaican rum punch with Wray and Nephew (recipe)
  10. Create your own Simpsons title screen memes with this generator

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