The economics of Seinfeld

An oldie but a goodie; The Economics of Seinfeld looks at economic concepts through the lens of Seinfeld clips. There’s also a book you can buy (on Amazon or Bookshop). The links to the clips are broken but I’m sure you can find them on YouTube or whichever streaming platform Seinfeld is on these days.

Seinfeld-related: An animated version of the ‘what the hell: I’ll just eat some trash’ scene and Steamed Hams but in the style of Seinfeld

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An animated version of the 'what the hell: I'll just eat some trash' scene from Seinfeld

Seinfeld: I'll just eat some trash.

Kosperry created this impressive animation of a scene from Seinfeld where Jerry and George argue over food in a bin and whether it’s trash or not. George ate it and said no. Jerry said yes (I agree). The scene was already funny but the animation made it funnier thanks to superb expressions from both characters (George as a corgi is genius and Jerry as a hyena is a masterstroke).

Suddenly, I want a remake of Seinfeld with cats and dogs. Or even The Lion King but with Seinfeld characters.

Seinfeld animation-related: Steamed Hams but in the style of Seinfeld

Steamed Hams but in the style of Seinfeld

The "Steamed Hams" Simpsons episode in the style of Seinfeld

As Simpsons memes go, Steamed Hams is the most popular. It never seems to lose traction and I’ve recently discovered a host of them on YouTube. My favourite is this rendition, stylised as a Seinfeld episode complete with canned laughter. They even changed the mention of Krusty Burgers to “Skinner Burgers” for added authenticity. I want more of these episodes, to be honest.

I cannot get enough of these. Who knew something so simple could produce so many hilarious memes?

Steamed Hams but it's Seinfeld