Visit the Seinfeld diner in New York

A man sitting in a diner, wearing a red coat

You may know it as the Seinfeld diner or by its real name (Tom’s Restaurant). Either way, you can visit the famous eatery in Manhattan, New York.

Although the walls are now covered with Seinfeld memorabilia, when the images of the exterior were first taken for the show (including the “Tom’s” part of the name, which was later cropped out), the owner’s sons asked what they were for. The response: “It’s just for some pilot.” 

Since the 1940s, like many diners in New York, Tom’s has been in the hands of the same Greek-American family. It’s a diner-style eatery, with classic menu items like burgers, fries, BLTs, and milkshakes. It’s a frequent stop for Columbia students and their parents, even hosting Senator John McCain and his daughter Meghan when she was attending the university.

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(via Gastro Obscura)

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