Yesterworld's visual history of McDonaldland

The History & Downfall of McDonaldland and the Disney-McDonalds Happy Meal

Being a kid in the 90s meant the odd Happy Meal, in or out of a McDonald’s restaurant. I don’t eat anything from there anymore but I haven’t forgotten how the place made me feel: the smell (then mouth-watering, now sickness-inducing), the plastic decor, the taste of the hamburger and fries, and that awesome toy. The characters of McDonaldland sealed the deal and made eating at McDonald’s the best treat in the world.

Yesterworld tracked the history of McDonaldland, from its inception to its heyday and downfall in the 00s via Disney mishaps and Morgan Spurlock’s infamous documentary, Super Size Me. Glad they didn’t stick with the horrible-looking Hamburglar or any of the 60s/70s character designs. Ronald was looking more like Pennywise back then.

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