Tony Hawk dissects skateboarding films for GQ Sports

Tony Hawk Breaks Down Skateboarding Movies | GQ Sports

Got half an hour spare? No? Well, you do now.

Tony Hawk sat down with GQ to talk about movies featuring skateboarding. Unless you’re into it, you probably can’t think of many off the top of your head. But the kickflip legend runs his way through some great films including The Amazing Spider-Man, Back to the Future, and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

The video comes as part of GQ’s The Breakdown series where athletes “break down” their respective sports in movies. The series has featured the likes of Brian Ortega, F1’s Daniel Ricciardo, wrestler CM Punk, and the LA Dodgers in its first season.

Featured films

Back to the Future


Gleaming the Cube

The Amazing Spider-Man

Police Academy 4


Daddy’s Home

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Rather than say stuff was good or bad, Tony dissects scenes and gives a flavour of the eras they were trying to depict. He also gives his opinion on the “realness” of the tricks performed. And he gets technical (because it’s friggin’ Tony Hawk). Imagine if Tony Hawk was the director for some of these scenes and you were an actual skateboarder!

Of course, Tony was asked what he thought was the best skate movie he’d ever seen. You can watch the video to find out what his answer was.

Something random and unrelated – does anyone else think Tony Hawk sounds like Josh from The West Wing in the early seasons (played by Get Out actor Bradley Whitford)?

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