Dwindling animal populations as dot density images

A Redditor by the name of WhiteCheeks (lol) posted some images he made from a script that “builds the face of an animal based on the population number of the species”.

Each dot represents a single animal, as the population numbers rise and fall the image will either become more legible or disappear completely.

He did so using data from the WWF and created the script using P5.js. We often hear the numbers attached to dwindling animal populations but having visuals really puts the message across. After all, in an article I wrote last May, a million species are already close to extinction.

We need to do more.

James Corden did a Reddit AMA and it turned into a roast

james corden

Most Reddit AMAs are insights into the lives and works of influential people. Unfortunately, some people never get that far and they probably wish they hadn’t taken part.

James Corden might be one of those people. Along with five of his Carpool Karaoke team members, he opened the Reddit floor for questions and didn’t receive the discourse he was after.

It’s important to point out (or reiterate) that Corden is not a liked man for numerous reasons. I am one of them. I can’t speak for anyone else but I find him odious, unfunny, and a beg friend. That’s my unprofessional opinion but if you have a different view, let me know in the comments. That being said, Redditors shared my sentiment and let him have it. Here are some of my favourites:

Yikes is all I could muster when I read that one. It certainly reinforced my stance on him.

Roasted good and proper.

Oh dear, the stories just keep on coming.

Damn. There was zero let off for him. And, given the stories, he deserved it. The classic “no response is the best response” tactic wasn’t great but it would have confirmed all the stories: that he’s a dick. Reddit isn’t a paragon of virtue itself but I live for these kinds of moments. I mean… it’s the internet. What did he expect?

You can read the full AMA/roast here.