James Corden did a Reddit AMA and it turned into a roast

james corden

Most Reddit AMAs are insights into the lives and works of influential people. Unfortunately, some people never get that far and they probably wish they hadn’t taken part.

James Corden might be one of those people. Along with five of his Carpool Karaoke team members, he opened the Reddit floor for questions and didn’t receive the discourse he was after.

It’s important to point out (or reiterate) that Corden is not a liked man for numerous reasons. I am one of them. I can’t speak for anyone else but I find him odious, unfunny, and a beg friend. That’s my unprofessional opinion but if you have a different view, let me know in the comments. That being said, Redditors shared my sentiment and let him have it. Here are some of my favourites:

TL;DR version is that James Corden allegedly showed up to a WGA union meeting for late night writers with an executive producer and none of the writing staff. Before hearing out any of the actual late night writers, James was the first to speak when the meeting opened up to the floor. At which point, he advocated less pay for new writers – with the supposed justification being that it was so he could afford to hire writing assistants.

James and the producer seem to acknowledge that they showed up and advocated for lesser pay for writing assistants – but insist that they would never pay a writer less than they deserve. But when all is said and done, James advocated for lesser pay for new writers – despite their semantic argument.

Yikes is all I could muster when I read that one. It certainly reinforced my stance on him.

James, did you realize you posted on r/IAmA instead of r/RoastMe?

Roasted good and proper.

Massive c*nt in person, I saw a league of their own filming live, threw multiple tantrums over minor things at the production staff, with him being incredibly rude to them, which made the other regulars seem very awkward like it was usual, between each take the other celebs would be chatting amongst themselves – bantering about, James was glued to his phone. At the end of the filming people got up to go get pictures with James and he massively kicked off shouting at people to go away and to go back to their seats and the few he did let have pictures with he was moody as. Afterwards we went into a “VIP” tent as such for a beer (we were guests of people – anonymity for obviously reasons) and the celebs were going to be joing us, the other celebs came in and spoke with people, James came in for a brief moment, someone asked politely asked for a quick picture, he abruptly said “later” and the fucked off to I’m guessing his changing room for the rest of the night as they didn’t get their picture before kick out time.

Seeing him like that made me realise everything you see of his on TV is a complete persona. And really his natural personality is just, a complete self entitled c*nt.

Also, Rampart.

Oh dear, the stories just keep on coming.

I don’t know how to phrase this as a question, so I’ll start with:

Did you know, that if you actually acknowledge the claims you’re not a nice person and tackle them head on, and talk on it from your point of view, it’s way better for your PR than just ignoring them?

Damn. There was zero let off for him. And, given the stories, he deserved it. The classic “no response is the best response” tactic wasn’t great but it would have confirmed all the stories: that he’s a dick. Reddit isn’t a paragon of virtue itself but I live for these kinds of moments. I mean… it’s the internet. What did he expect?

You can read the full AMA/roast here.

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