Seitō – A 1910s Japanese Magazine Exclusively For Women

Atlas Obscura have written a brilliant article about a Japanese women's magazine called Seitō. Initially created as a collection of work for women and by women, it slowly became a feminist movement on its own after the Japanese government moved to ban its publication. This only spurred the writers to continue. Feminist Hideko Fukuda wrote …


The Modernist Podcast

The Modernist Podcast is a monthly discussion of art, literature and culture in the early twentieth century, providing academics with a platform to share their research with the wider community. Episodes include "Modernism, Women and Feminism", "Queer Modernism", and "Modernism and Race". If you want to get involved in an episode for 2018, send an …


“Escape Attempts,” a new show at Shulamit Nazarian in L.A., revisits minimalism and through the work of seven contemporary female artists. Curated by Kathy Battista, director of contemporary art at Sotheby's Institute of Art. (via Artsy)