What if Tim Burton had made Batman Forever?

What Could Have Been: Tim Burton's Batman Forever

I’ve been binging Bullets & Blockbusters videos for the last few weeks and I’m a sucker for content about failed scripts/film ideas. This one is about what would have been “Batman III” the sequel to Batman Returns that eventually became Batman Forever.

The story is pretty well known amongst people who know about the original Batman trilogy but this video adds additional context to the whole debacle and just how much WB didn’t want Burton there. While there was animosity from his side, it doesn’t sound like Keaton (who was slated to return but later backed out) had any ill will towards Joel Schumacher; just creative differences without the innuendo.

We missed out on a lot and for the most part, I’m not mad about it. Keaton would have been cool to see again but I enjoyed Val Kilmer’s portrayal. I liked Jim Carrey as The Riddler and while it was kinda shitty that Robin Williams was used like that, I enjoyed Carrey’s incredibly camp performance. I’m sad about Billy Dee Williams not getting his role as Harvey Dent/Two-Face (which, in hindsight, would have really worked to get a Black actor in there as a “for the culture” nod to Schumacher’s The Wiz). Marlon Wayans as Robin? Can’t be any worse than Chris O’Donnell (no shade). Imagine two Black actors in the forefront (although having that Black-on-Black conflict might have upset some folks, I’m sure).

I didn’t expect to write so many of my own opinions here so enjoy the video and let me know what changes you would have made, kept in, or taken out of the final movie.

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