The plantlife illustrations of Jim Spendlove

Have you ever seen a piece of art and known you’ve liked it but couldn’t find the words to describe it? As a writer, I should be able to conjure up a few adjectives to sum up Jim Spendlove’s illustrations but I’m totally blank. But I know I love them all.

I found his work today after browsing Bandcamp and coming across his cover art for Saltfeend’s new album, Skydrone. It reminded me of a landscape I’d see on Adventure Time—otherworldly yet organic. And so I went in search for more.

I loathe to use comparisons for artists as it can be derivative but Spendlove’s work reminds me of two of my favourite illustrators: Theodore Taylor III and Anthony Browne. There’s a hint of surrealism in their work but a strong sense of reality as well. Spendlove’s palettes are warm and comforting and I love the plant motifs.

So there you go. I found a few adjectives in the end. But sometimes, art speaks for itself and the messages in Spendlove’s work is more enriching than anything I could muster.

Follow his work on Instagram and his portfolio.

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