The 10 best hidden in plain sight jokes in Teen Titans Go!

'Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’ Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

I’ve always enjoyed Teen Titans Go! but over the weekend, I’ve been binge-watching it with my 4-year old son and really got into it. Besides the animation style (I love thick outlines in a cartoon), the meta-humour and satire are super sharp for a programme primarily targeted at children.

Amongst all that are background jokes and references people might have missed and Daniel Smith compiled 10 of the best for Screen Rant, many from episodes I’ve not seen yet.

The jokes include references to Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Steven Universe, Suicide Squad, and even Watchmen.

I won’t reveal all of them but here’s #10:

When Robin was tasked with looking after the Batcave when Batman was out of town he, of course, brought all his friends along with him. Batman’s secret hideout is filled with background jokes that many viewers will miss, including Hush bandages, Scarface, and other mementos and references to his iconic rogue’s gallery.

However, the best and darkest is an urn presumably containing the ashes of a former Robin which is kept on a shelf and remains unacknowledged by The Titans.

That was pretty dark and more a nod to the canon than a joke, unless that’s your kind of humour. No judgement. Okay, maybe a little.

Once you’re done with those 10—and providing you’ve seen the movie—check out 30+ more easter eggs from the movie, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

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