Cultrface proudly declares November "Purple with Yellow Spots History Month"

Purple with Yellow Spots History Month

Black History Month gets two months on either side of the Atlantic (February for the US and October for the UK). They’re significant in highlighting centuries of enriching culture, the plight and success of all black people.

But there’s a race that only gets mentioned by people who “don’t care who you are”. They’re not a political device and it’s a great shame that there isn’t more space for their narratives outside these throwaway statements. I’m talking about people who are purple with yellow spots.

And that’s why at Cultrface, I’m starting the first Purple with Yellow Spots History Month this month. Black people do not have a monopoly on race and it’s time we talked about purple people with yellow spots more.

PYSHM will be a space for PYS people to talk about their experiences as an outcasted race, without fear of persecution or ridicule. No longer will their narratives be ignored.

Purple with yellow spots people have played a key role in non-PYS people’s narratives to prove they absolutely aren’t racist. They don’t care who you are or what you look like – we’re all one race: the human race. This is, of course, absolute nonsense. The complete erasure of purple with yellow spotsness is unacceptable and will not stand any longer.

Purple with yellow spots history is world history.

As a mixed-race person, I can’t speak for PYS people. I haven’t experienced what they have. That would be erasure too. But Purple with Yellow Spots History Month is so important for the purple with yellow spots experience. It’s about sharing the stories of a significant minority and holding the people accountable for their comments.

Nobody chooses to be born a race, not least such a distinctive colour with spots on top of it. If we want to talk about being biracial, let’s talk about being literally two colours at the same time!

Being a PYS Brit is especially hard; a lifelong struggle to be accepted by society and not become another social media trend. It’s a truly unique plight that doesn’t exist anywhere else nobody else is one colour with spots a completely different colour.

But why the sudden interest in purple with yellow spots people? After all, I am not one of them. Well, with all the talk of biracial people not feeling included during Black History Month, I wondered who else could feel excluded and that lead me to PYS people.

I am a champion for the voiceless. When was the last time you ever heard from a PYS person? Saw them in a management role? Watched them on television? Probably never. That is a travesty and it’s about time we changed that.

If purple with yellow spots people aren’t welcomed in society, their ancestors died in vain. As a civilisation, we can’t hope to have a better world with an imbalance like this and we have to recognise these issues. But, our history is Purple with Yellow Spots history too, and we must create space to share those stories in November.

Join us this month for PYSHM and look out for more articles in November.

Chris Morris pranked a McDonald's employee during a pilot for The Day Today

Chris Morris on a pilot for The Day Today

The Day Today and Brass Eye were controversial in their time. But a lot of the depicted surrealism doesn’t seem so strange in 2019. In this pilot, you see Chris Morris without the slicked-back hair he chose for the final version and a middle section involving a round table political discussion. It’s very rough around the edges and some of it doesn’t hit as hard to the comedy bone but there is one funny segment.

A “submarine” was found “at the bottom of the Pacific” and The Day Today had successfully contacted one of the men on the vessel. Of course none of this was true and Morris had actually pranked an American McDonald’s employee who was oblivious. This was standard for Morris who regularly pranked people on the radio and infamously used the technique on Brass Eye. His acts involved celebrities and even a member of parliament who was duped into advocating a crackdown on “cake”, a fake drug created for the show.

Stream it below.

The Day Today - Second Pilot

Airport Novella - A Comedic Book by Tom Comitta

airport novella

Walking through departures feels like taking steps through a wardrobe into Narnia. You can buy things tax-free and as far as you’re concerned, you’re already on holiday the moment you’re at the gate. At the overpriced newsagents, they sell cheap holiday books. A few hundred pages of drivel containing gaping plot holes, excessive use of adjectives, and poorly constructed characters. But people buy them anyway because who needs a difficult read for a week on a sunny beach? These ideas formed the basis of Tom Comitta’s Airport Novella.

The 48-page book contains four chapters, each one dedicated to a particular gesture: “nodding, shrugging, odd looks, and gasps”. What does that entail? Download a free copy or purchase one to find out (but physical copies are shipped to the US only).