A $2 gourmet burger, according to Joshua Weissman

The 2 Dollar Gourmet Burger | But Cheaper

$2 for a “gourmet” burger? Count me in! Joshua Weissman went through the steps to make it but on closer inspection, it’s gonna cost more than $2 for many of us (and I’m not talking about exchange rates). The reason I say this is because Joshua makes his own buns and has the kind of equipment that’ll cost a lot of money to get to a level he’s at. Oh, and lots of trial and error unless you’re experienced in making burger buns.

Am I nit-picking? Maybe. The title was likely chosen to get clicks (which it did) and the burger looks delicious so who cares? But it’s best to know what to expect. You could just buy some brioche buns like I have in the past. And smash your burgers with something clean, flat and metallic. Bon appetit!

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