Viggo Mortensen speaking 7 languages

Viggo Mortensen

tl;dr: Viggo Mortensen speaks English, Spanish, Danish, French, Italian, Catalan, and Arabic

We’ve featured a few polyglots on Cultrface, from the Black man speaking Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Arabic to supermarket shoppers to a couple of guys sharing 21 languages between them.

But this is arguably the most high-profile example of a polyglot we’ve featured so far and it’s none other than Oscar-nominated actor Viggo Mortensen.

In the video below, we see Mortensen speaking 7 languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Catalan
  • Arabic

From the video description:

Viggo Mortensen’s mother is American and his father is Danish. He lived part of his childhood in Argentina, where he learnt Spanish. Viggo also learnt French as another language. He has also some knowledge in Arabic and Catalan

It’s a joy to hear, especially with the natural accent and inflexions. This is likely nothing new to some but I was none-the-wiser (he’s also an author, musician, poet, photographer and painter).

Viggo Mortensen Speaking 7 Languages

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