The most expensive McDonald's pickle in the world

Via designboom:

In 2019, Maurizio Cattelan had taped a banana on the wall for Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 and sold it for 120,000 USD before someone ate it. Today, a similar incident price- and act-wise has come forward. Australian artist Matthew Griffin ordered a McDonald’s burger, stepped into Michael Lett Gallery in Auckland, took out a pickle from his supposed meal, and threw it on the gallery’s ceiling as an exhibition design. Now, the gallery says the public art costs 10,000 NZD (approximately 6,300 USD as of publishing the story), a hundred-fold of the burger’s original price.

Fine Arts, Sydney – the gallery that represents the artist – even dubs the stunt as a sculpture, now on display at Michael Lett until July 30th. Titled ‘Pickle’, the sculpture forms part of the exhibition of work from Fine Arts, Sydney’ program at the invitation of Michael Lett, hosted at their Karangahape Road gallery space. The show includes four new works by each of the four artists the gallery represents, each exhibited for the first time. The themes these works touch upon, including Pickle, are related to transience, distance, and time. From here, flinging the pickle from the ground up is an example of distance.

Also reminds me of the immaterial sculpture that sold for €15,000. No wonder people turn their noses up at modern art.

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