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When did you last laugh at a podcast while shopping in Tesco Express? Never? Then you’ve not heard Regretflix. The podcast comprises of three hosts – John Kerrison, Sophie Cowles, and Nicola Robey as review the 100 worst films on IMDB. The trio picks films at random from the list and despite the unordered selection, […]

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Podcasts are all the rage now so here’s one dedicated to modernism through the ages. The Modernist Podcast is a monthly discussion of art, literature and culture in the early twentieth century, “providing academics with a platform to share their research with the wider community”. Episodes include “Modernism, Women and Feminism”, “Queer Modernism”, and “Modernism […]

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Podcasting is a curious digital artform that has changed the way audio (and sometimes visual) media is broadcasted. Episodic in nature and distributed via web feeds, one could argue that podcasts have become the ‘talk radio’ of the internet age. Great podcasts are addictive and can often be a nightmare organising subscriptions for these delectable […]

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