The oldest Santa Claus movie in the world from 1898

santa claus

How many Santa Claus movies can you name?

Other than Sherlock Holmes and Jesus, Santa is a regularly filmed man. But did you know his first silver screen appearance was nearly 120 years ago? Santa Claus was directed by British film maker and psychic George Albert Smith, and his 66-second production showcases Santa’s present delivering prowess. The film starts with two young girls taken to bed by their maid before Saint Nick arrives on the roof with his big sack of presents. He enters the home, leaves stockings on the end of the girls’ bed and exits stage left.

Simple by today’s standards but quite elaborate for the late 19th century, described as “one of the most visually and conceptually sophisticated British films made up to then”. Stream it below and Merry Christmas from everyone at Cultrface!

(via Open Culture)

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