Read 35 screenplays from some of the most iconic Black movies of the 90s

Shout out to Kyle Alex Brett for uploading a ton of awesome Black movie screenplays from the 90s, including Best Man, Soul Food, Love Jones, The Nutty Professor, and loads more.


So, I bought 35 screenplays to some of the best black movies of the 90s.

A golden era for black cinema.

I’ve read most. But, I want to release them all for free because I believe this collection should be a birthright for black writers.

via kyle a.b. on Twitter

Grab the screenplays on Google Drive.

More on Black cinema: A brief history of Black actresses fighting for sci-fi roles, Carvell Wallace on Candyman and the exploitation of Black pain in cinema, and Get Out: Black Solidarity and Knowing the Code

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