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Since I read Joe Zadeh’s article about time and wrote about it here, I’ve been on the lookout for anything to broaden my mind on the subject. Then today, I saw that the latest issue of New Scientist was all about time which pointed me to the website which, lo and behold, had a roundup on its time-related articles.

They date back as far as 2011, with this piece on whether time will end and what it’d be like:

WILL time end? It is a disturbing prospect, more chilling even than the end of our universe, because in most of the ordinary scenarios of cosmic doom there remains the comforting possibility that a new universe might rise from the ashes of the old.

But if time itself can end, then we surely have no get-out clause. There will be no time for anything new to get started. That will be that.

It’s all quite doom and gloom, with an aptly abrupt ending. Anyone who will ever read this won’t likely see the end of time so it’s almost fear-mongering in a way and… a waste of time. But I guess it’s cool and interesting to understand from an acacdemic perspective (I mean, there are whole faculties that dedicate their research to space-time).

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