Panteha Abareshi on Ableism in the Art World

Filling the Void: Confronting Ableism in the Art Space

Ableism is a serious issue in all aspects of life and in Panteha Abareshi’s Filling the Void: Confronting Ableism in the Art Space, she will examine it within the art world.

In an email to Hyperallergic, she discussed the reality of accessibility and ableism within the industry:

“We are currently unable to realistically conceive of real, integrated accessibility, because of how deeply ableism permeates. I will be focusing not on giving cut-and-dry solutions to inaccessibility, but rather delving deeply into ableism as something we are all compliant within, and my personal experience as an ill/disabled body navigating an ableist world.”

Over two sessions (22nd-23rd August), Abareshi will “confront the complex systems of ableism that operate within the art space with presentations and an open forum via Google Meet. On 23rd, she will introduce work by disabled artists alongside her Abareshi’s own to answer the question: “how are able-bodied artists and the art world perpetuating an erasure of artists and audiences with disabilities?”

To find out how to join the sessions, head to the Institute of Contemporary Art website for more info.

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