Marcus Daniel, the new EiC of Media Diversified

Marcus Daniel

This is arguably the best media news I’ve heard all year. If you haven’t heard of Media Diversified, familiarise yourself now by visiting their website. On 19th November, they announced Marcus Daniel as their new editor-in-chief. This means even more to me personally as Marcus is a friend of mine but from a subjective point of view, this is a brilliant acquisition.

Marcus has written numerous essays on LGBT issues and music for Media Diversified, The Queerness, SoSoGay, and IndyVoices. His passion for equality and diversity is abundant and prevalent in everything he does. Samantha Asumadu, founder of Media Diversified, expressed her delight in the appointment saying:

“I have had an eye on him for a few months for a key role in our organisation’s future and have always enjoyed both how he uses his social media presence to highlight important issues such as the Windrush scandal, and how he highlights how racism and LGBTphobia intersect to marginalise LGBT people of colour.”

From myself and everyone at Cultrface, I would like to congratulate Marcus on his new position. I would also like to wish everyone at Media Diversified a prosperous future under his editorship.

You can follow Marcus on his personal Twitter account (I highly recommend you do this): @marcusjdl

And follow Media Diversified on Twitter (do this too): @writersofcolour

And, if like me, you want to hear Marcus and his dulcet tones, you can stream a video below where he discusses new articles, Hillary Clinton, and Widows alongside MD founder, Samantha Asumadu.

Media Diversified: Sam & Marcus 26.11.18

UPDATE: Unfortunately, MD have had to shut down but the website will still be live.

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