Go Dutch with a glass of tulip vodka

Tulips in bloom

Wine needn’t be the only alcoholic beverage to reference a “bouquet”.

Other than windmills, clogs, canals, and Johan Cruijff, tulips are a quintessential part of Dutch identity to outsiders. And thanks to the versatility of vodka, there’s a new brand made of the national flower. Most vodka is made from grain or potatoes but tulip vodka is created using the bulb. Flemish botanist Carolus Clusius grew the flowers in his university garden when it was brought over in the 16th century and a distillery bearing his name make the drink with fermented tulip bulbs.

Two types are made: Dutch Tulip Vodka Pure and Dutch Premium Blend. The former comprises of water and 350 fermented tulip bulbs while the Premium version blends grain spirits and only 40 bulbs. However, as only a few retailers stock the vodka in the Netherlands, prices aren’t cheap. The “Pure” blend costs €295 but the “Premium” blend is more reasonable at €48.

(via Gastro Obscura)

Did you know: The clusia plant, native to tropical America, is named after Carolus Clusius.

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