Let's make like a tree and split?

Banana split

I write a weekly newsletter called Everything Is Made Up and I sign off with a variant of the phrase “I’m gonna make like an X and Y”. To keep things fresh, I use a website and work my way through the list.

That website is rec.humor.funny, “the net’s oldest and most popular comedy publication and newsgroup”. It also claims to be the world’s oldest blog. Jokes have been posted to the site since 1987 which predates the World Wide Web by a few years (and my birth). That’s old in internet years.

Some of my favourites:

  • Make like a banana and split (Carlton Banks said this on an episode of The Fresh Prince after a wonderful comeback to a black fraternity member who called him a sellout)
  • Make like a drum and beat it
  • Make like a tire and hit the road
  • Make like the devil and get the hell out of here
  • Make like the Red Sea and split
  • Make like lightning and bolt

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