kek lapis Sarawak

A multicoloured cake called a kek lapis Sarawak on a floral plate on a dark wood table
kls1-3.jpg” by gendot united (shared via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 licence)

kek lapis Sarawak is a Malaysian cake, known for its intricate geometric design inside. The 3-tiered name derives from the following:

  • Lapis means layers in Malay.
  • Sarawak is a state located on the northwestern coast of Borneo, where this cake comes from.
  • kek means cake.

kek lapis Sarawak is usually served during special occasions like Eid, Christmas, or birthdays with its origins coming Indonesia and the European spit cake, brought over by the Dutch.


To make this, you’ll need:

  • Butter
  • Margarine/vegetable oil
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • A flair for colour and the spectactular

You can find recipes on Food52, the GBBO website, and Punchfork.

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