Chris Punsalan and fam did the Hot Ones Challenge

Spicy Beats & Even Spicier Wings

Folks eating spicy food and losing their entire shit will always make me laugh until I can’t breathe. While I’d never do any kind of hot pepper challenges, I guess that lack of oxygen is something we all share. Music producer Chris Punsalan sacrificed his body, mind, and soul for the pursuit of Hot Ones happiness when he tried the challenge with his cousins, Merz and Jerm. But he wasn’t just going to eat hot wings and leave it there. No, he was going to make a beat at the same time.

Watch as he eases his way through the first few wings until that “kick at the end” became roundhouses to the throat and torso. Oh, and of course, no acidic drinks were at hand—just a rookie bottle of water. But seriously, props to Chris for surviving. I know I couldn’t have done it.

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