Have you been to Margie's Meatloaf Mecca?

It’s only 5th January and I’ve already fallen down the weirdest rabbit hole of the year. On Tumblr, I found this Twitter screenshot:

Tweet that says "put your shoes on I'm taking you somewhere special" with an image of a billboard that says "we only serve meatloaf and strawberry milk" for Margie's Meatloaf Mecca
via @getrawmilk

I thought the tweet was funny and then kept reading. Only meatloaf and strawberry milk? There were further screenshots of the actual website and Google reviews. Given the wacky nature of the establishment and its location, I thought “yep, that sounds like America alright.” Except I dug a little further and found out even more…

It was all a prank.

Sixth City Marketing had set the whole thing up as a practical joke.

For years, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our team members and close friends are being celebrated properly – for birthdays, weddings, and sometimes for no occasion at all.

This, of course, means going to extreme lengths to prank them online. We’ve crafted fake businesses, fake conventions, fake awards, and just about everything in-between, meaning we’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort over the years to making our pranks possible.

When our friend Margie’s wedding was approaching, and we knew she’d planned a trip to Athens, Ohio in the late fall, we just knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go big or go home.

They bought a domain—succulentmeatloaf.com—made the graphics, rented the billboard, created a site and Facebook page, and built up both online and offline buzz via word of mouth and social media. My day job is SEO so I respect the work they put in to make this happen but from a general Internet person perspective, this is hilarious.

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