X-Men Fan Creates Web Show Based On The 90s Animated Series

Joel Furtado, a Canadian animator and X-Men fan will be giving his fellow “X-Fans” a shot of nostalgic joy with an 18-episode web series based on the 90s animated series.

The web series will be called X-Men: Danger Room Protocols and see teams of X-Men characters up against Marvel villains in the Professor X’s notorious Danger Room.

Each episode will be based around a single Danger Room battle and the first one will be called “Survival,” starring Jean Grey and Wolverine (we get the feeling Cyclops won’t like that one). X-Men: Danger Room Protocols will debut on 19th January with subsequent episodes freely available on his YouTube channel.

UPDATE: It turns out X-Men: Danger Room Protocols was cancelled after one episode. Why? Because Marvel said so. According to Joel himself (via CBR):

“When I set out to make this project, I never really thought this was going to be an issue. I didn’t think that Marvel was going to react this way, and this outcome, for me, is a little bit shocking.”

Marvel declined to comment.

But the internet being the internet, you can still stream the first, last, and only episode below.

X-Men Danger Room Protocols Episode 1 Full

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