The Machete Order - An Alternative Way To Star Wars

You thought Star Wars was only meant to be watched from I to VI (before the VII, VIII and IX come out) didn’t you?

Well, think again as an alternative order has been proposed called “The Machete Order”. Absolutely No Machete Juggling writer Rod Hilton came up with the idea that suggests you watch the Star Wars films in the following order:

  • IV – A New Hope
  • V – Empire Strikes Back
  • II – Attack Of The Clones
  • III – Revenge Of The Sith
  • VI – Return Of The Jedi

You’ll notice Episode I: The Phantom Menace has been omitted. The primary reason for this isn’t because it sucks (although that certainly helps making the decision to ignore it much easier), but you’ll need to read the full Machete Order blog post as to why it didn’t make the cut.

Read the whole thing at Absolutely No Machete Juggling.

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