We nearly got a skateboarding version of Space Jam called 'Skate Jam'

Back in 2019, Tony Hawk tweeted about the time he met with Warner Brothers about a project idea:

in 2003, I was requested to meet with Warner Brothers about doing a film tentatively titled “Skate Jam.” They were bringing back Looney Tunes with “Back In Action” & then wanted to start on my project immediately. A week later Back In Action bombed & Skate Jam was shelved forever

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A week? Corporations are something else. It might have been for the best given how notorious WB are with creative control (I’m looking at you, Blade Runner and the 90’s Batman franchise). But a Tony Hawk/Looney Tunes collab with the likes of Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny doing 720s and ollies? I’d have been down.

(via SB Nation)

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