My favourite Daffy Duck cartoon: The Great Piggy Bank Robbery

Daffy Duck places 4th in my all-time duck list and a lot of that is due to this one cartoon. The Great Piggy Bank Robbery tells the story of Daffy on a farm, waiting for his latest Dick Tracy comic. When the mailman delivers it, he reads and imagines a life as Dick Tracy before knocking himself out with his own fist and living the fantasy out in his unconsciousness.

It was a surreal experience watching this as a child but I thought it was cool enough to remember it for the rest of my life. There were pigs (including the titular piggy bank and Porky Pig in a silent cameo) and a host of wild rogues, gangsters, and other criminals including Rubberhead, an eraser-headed gangster; Bat Man, an anthropomorphic baseball bat; and 88 Teeth, a parody of 88 Keys from the Dick Tracy comics but with piano keys for teeth.

Watch it in full on DailyMotion.

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